Dance Genres



Jazz is an upbeat and fun style of dance that incorporates style, dance combinations and team uniformity. Technique is particularly important in the genre, as is endurance.

Therefore, each class will include a technique section and some fitness exercises specific to the jazz genre. This is in addition to our technique and fitness classes.


Is an expressive and emotive dance form that uses lyrics to inspire choreography. Proper ballet technique is executed combined with flexibility, balance and fluidity of movements.

Each class will be structured to include a variety of ballet technique in order to extend each dancer's skill set.



Is an expressive dance form that fuses elements of classical and jazz to create movements that are both fluid and rigid in nature. The freedom within the dance form allows dancers to push boundaries with interpretive, emotive and abstract performances.

As ballet technique and strength are particularly important within this genre, both conditioning and ballet classes will be taken to compliment progression.


Is a strong and energetic style of dance with the use of pom poms. It draws upon the use of visual effects, dance techniques and precise motions.

As technique and endurance are particularly important in the execution of this routine, both technique and fitness exercises specific to pom would be incorporated into this class to ensure preparedness.


Is a genre based on style and rhythm. There are many different interpretations of the genre, and in this class we will cover a variety of movements and technique.

Additionally, endurance is crucial in this genre in order to execute the routine effectively. Therefore, fitness exercises will be included in this class to ensure high levels of stamina.



Is an artistic dance style that entails light and graceful movements. This highly technical genre is a fundamental and key starting point for most dance genres.

Ballet will be included within each group as an additional class in order to ensure the highest level of technique.



Is a style of dance that combines elements of gymnastics, tumbling, athleticism and basic contortion. This style, that is known to enhance dance routines through highlights, requires strength, stamina, flexibility and control.

In order to allow safe execution of acrobatic tricks, particular emphasis will be placed upon strength, flexibility and extensive conditioning. Levels 1-4 available.


Is a form of dance that relies on the sounds that is formed from striking the floor with the taps on ones shoes.

These sounds can be manipulated to be rhythmical, syncopated and percussive in sound. Stamina and fitness are required in order to be successful within this genre. Beg/Inter/Advanced available.